Sunday, April 10, 2011

Party of Five

Wow, how time flies!  I have been planning on updating the blog for weeks and am just finding the time to sit down and do it.  It's crazy that I'm busy all day long, but still nothing gets crossed off my to-do list!  Maybe I need to add things to my list like:  change 20+ diapers...check! feed hungry kids three meals plus snacks...check!  nurse Isaac every 2-3 hours while keeping Julia and Kai occupied....check (although the twins seem to get into trouble during this time)!  clean up after the kids.....never quite done!  give Kai medication and take care of medical needs every 4 hours...check!
We just completed our first week at home without grandparents around to help.  We sure enjoyed our time with family.  My parents came down and watched Kai and Julia for the first few days that I was in the hospital.  My mom stayed for the rest of the week and was a huge help as I continued to heal from the c-section and Jared returned to work.  Grandma Jones had never spent this much time with the twins at one time.  She has a lot of good memories and a lot of exhaustion to show for it!  She did help me get out of the house a couple of times that week to run errands and get Kai's hair cut.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get out of the house without any help any time soon!

As Grandma Jones flew home to Nebraska, Papa and Nana Christianson were flying into Dallas from Washington.  We enjoyed a lot of play time while Jared and Papa worked hard doing home improvements to the house and yard.  They got window treatments hung, doors installed to the gameroom, fixed the gate outside, painted the garage ceiling, raked up leaves, mowed the lawn, etc.  As they were working outside, they found a bunny nest including four baby bunnies.  Julia and Kai loved seeing the bunnies along with lizards, and the next door dog in our back yard.  After Nana found one of the baby bunnies the next day without it's head, we have realized that there might be even more critters that come into our backyard : (

Baby Isaac is over three weeks old now and is such a sweet baby.  He has already seemed to figure out night and day.  He still wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat at night, but he has no trouble falling right back to sleep after eating.  I was concerned about nursing, since we didn't have much luck with Julia and Kai. But now I figure that it is going well since he is so content, goes through a ton of diapers, and gained a whole pound in a week!  At the two week mark, Isaac had surpassed his birth weight of 7 lb 13 oz and was 8 lb 8 oz.  We asume that he is over 9 pounds now considering the size of his cheeks and his double chin!
Julia and Kai absolutely adore Isaac.  They love giving him kisses, patting his head, and pointing to all of his body parts.  They are usually really gentle, but we have to keep a close eye on them.  Julia has reverted back to all things baby and has been caught with Isaac's pacifiers in her mouth and has climbed into every swing and bouncy seat that we have in the house.

Julia being silly

Although we have only lived in Texas for four months and have been busy, we realize that we have met more people than we had realized.  We have had people from our church, from our playgroup, from the Mothers of Multiples club, and neighbors bless us with meals and offers for help.  I think we will be having meals arriving at our house for another three weeks.  We feel so blessed and appreciative since there is little time for cooking meals!
Well, now that I've documented all of this, it's time to take a nap before everyone else wakes up!

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