Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Life

Now that baby Isaac is sleeping well and I am healing from the c-section I will attempt to give more details about what's going on in our house and at the hospital!
Yes, Isaac James was born on Friday morning at 7:50 am.  We were surprised to have such a big baby (7 lb 13 oz) since the doctor was predicting a 6 lb baby!  He is a healthy full term baby, which is such an adjustment for Jared and I.  Our experiences in the NICU following Kai and Julia's birth is like night and day compared to Isaac's birth and first few days of life.  There is no stress, the baby actually stays with us in the hospital room (unless we ask for help fromt he nursery), the baby nurses well, we get to cuddle as long as we want, there are no monitors hooked up to the baby, there are no scary surgeries to prepare for, and we don't have to go home without our baby(ies)!

Isaac is so sweet and easy going so far.  He's pretty sleepy, but has moments of alertness when he'll look all around and make cute little noises at us.  He is also trying to lift his head up when he is resting on me in a reclined position- such a strong little boy!

Jared and I had a hard time naming Isaac.  We considered a lot of different names throughout the pregnancy and actually made the final decision the night before he was born.  The name Isaac is Hebrew for, "He will laugh."  We thought that was appropriate for our family.  We have a lot of laughter (and crying/fighting) in our household and pray for joyful children!  We also love the birth story of Isaac in Genesis.  Isaac was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah. At the time of Isaac's conception Sarah was consisdered "barren" and was past child-bearing age and Abraham was 100 years old.  Only God could "open her womb" and provide this miracle child for Abraham and Sarah.  We believe that each of our children is a miracle.  Isaac's conception and birth reminds us of God's faithfulness and goodness to us considering all of the infertility issues and miscarriages we have had the past five years.  The doctors told us that our chance of conceiving without medical help was close to impossible.  But with God all things are possible!  And on a more practical note we liked the way that Isaac sounded with Kai and Julia and it is a fairly short name with a long last name! 

It is so quiet up here at the hospital that I keep referring to it as the hotel, not the hospital!  I haven't gotten this much rest in 22 months!  My parents from Nebraska have been at home watching Julia and Kai while Jared goes back and forth to the hospital and home.  My mom is staying until this Saturday when Jared's parents fly in from Washington.  We are so thankful for all of the help!  My parents are loving the time they get to spend with Kai and Julia, but they are already exhausted!
Kai and Julia seem fairly indifferent to Isaac so far.  That will probably change once we come home and the baby is still with mommy!
Julia and Kai are both doing great.  They seem like such big kids all of a sudden!  Julia is really into taking care of her stuffed animals- feeding them a bottle, changing their diapers, and giving them loving. I think she will be a great big sister and a helper for mommy.
After a bout of constipation that required medical help last week, Kai is a new man!  He is walking EVERYWHERE and doesn't want to be held.  He is so loud and I can hear him coming down the hall saying "DaaaaaDD!!"  I still get tickled to see him walking into the room and being so independent and confident.  I am so proud of him!  Julia also seems to notice the change in him and they enjoy playing more physical games with eachother (tackling, etc!)
We will be coming home tomorrow and look forward to getting settled into our new routine as a family of five.  Thank you so much for your prayers!


  1. I am so happy to hear all is going well! I can't wait to hear how you all adjust to being a family of 5...we will be there in a few short weeks and I can only wonder now what it will be like! Enjoy your new little bundle of joy, as you know they just don't stay small long enough!

  2. My sister-in-law is going to make you all dinner and bring it to you since I can't :) Let me know when all the parents are gone and we will plan a night. I was thinking the same thing about what a different experience this is for you. So glad you have a healthy boy and you are doing great.

  3. We are grateful to God for this unexpected joy - Isaac James! We can hardly wait to meet you little man. Those big hands look like Papa's! You are in a family, where you will be well loved.