Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Valentines Day a week belated!  Although we don't go overboard with celebrating Valentines Day since Jared believes that it is a Hallmark ploy to make money and that...."We can show/tell each other how we love each other in little ways every day, not just on the 14th of February!" he still was very sweet and made it a special day!  I think that the holidays are more fun all the time as the kids get older.  We enjoyed hosting a play date with kids and mommies from our church the day before Valentines day.  Then the kids had a little party at their Moms Day Out program with pink pancakes, Valentines cards and treats.  Jared and I went out to eat the day before and then I cooked a special meal at home.  I thought that the kids and Jared would be excited about steak, mushrooms, heart shaped biscuits, and chocolate fondue with fruit.  They were until they noticed the pureed broccoli and carrots in the biscuits!  Although, they never discovered the avocado and carrot puree in the chocolate!

Other highlights of the month include hosting a Super Bowl party, going to the zoo with friends, surviving a quick stomach bug and transitioning out of our cribs and onto mattresses on the floor!  We definitely have a lot of highs and lows through out the day.  The twins have become very competitive about everything including who gets to brush their teeth first, who gets to get their diaper changed first, etc.  We are praying about how to decrease the fighting and competing!
Here's a few other things that they are doing new lately:
Julia has started "reading" stories to her brothers, which is fun to hear.
Kai really loves his bed time routines, which includes doing "nosies" (rubbing noses together).  He insists on doing "eyes, teeth and hair" also!
Isaac is running everywhere!  He still falls though and often he lays down with his arms to his side and "planks!"