Sunday, March 1, 2015

Well, the ice and snow has hit Texas.  Closets are cleaned, toys purged, crafts attempted and destroyed, snow played in, forts made, now kids are quiet, so I thought I would update the blog!

It's amazing how the kids have all changed since I last left off in August!  Julia & Kai are enrolled in Kindergarten at a private church school, where they attend half days, M-F.  While they are really having a great year, we have confirmed our earlier thoughts that we would do Kindergarten again next year in the public schools.  As far as they know, everyone gets to have two years of Kindergarten!  They have late birthdays (May), and they both could really benefit from another year of development before moving on to 1st grade.

First Day of School in August... not in the mood to pose!

Isaac goes to the same school for preschool two days a week.  He adores his teachers and often asks Ms. Jenny if she can come over to his house to play.  According to his teachers, he obeys very well and is a great helper...we are getting there slowly at home too!  He also likes telling his teachers secrets, like the baby that is in mommy's tummy - when there is none.  That was an awkward parent teacher conference!

I'll give a quick update on the kids before posting pictures from the past six months...

Kai's days are full of Kindergarten fun, speech therapy appointments, playing with siblings, and starting up a therapeutic horse back riding program.   He adores his horse, Peter Pan, and is exciting about starting up his riding lessons again once the snow melts!
We are continuing to make visits to his medical team at Scottish Rite to monitor his health and development.  He is doing very well despite his speech/articulation delay.  We have started a new program to help with his continence.  While Kai and I sometimes see it as an inconvenience, the time I spend in the bathroom with him spurs some interesting questions.....but not what you would think, haha!  During these times, Kai often opens up about questions he has....about God, heaven, satan, sin, dreams, etc. I am always amazed how God can use a difficult situation for His glory.  Our prayer since he was born was that he would know, "Truth" and respond to it.  God has not only grabbed his heart at an early age, but he has surpassed our expectations for Kai in so many ways.

Peter Pan!

Celebrating spiritual b-day :)

Julia is doing well and enjoys her Kindergarten class also.  She would prefer to sing and do crafts all day long, but she is easing into all the academic "work" that is involved at school also.  She tried out a gymnastics class this past fall, but has now switched to a dance class.  She is a natural dancer and can't wait to be on stage for the spring recital!  She is our little leader at the house, and is constantly organizing games of make believe (puppies, school, super heros, princesses, alligators, restaurant) with the boys.  They love taking orders from her, and she loves giving them!
It's fun to see the difference between each of our children.  Julia definitely brings an emotional side that the boys don't know how to relate to at times!  Julia has a sweet spirit and loves telling people how she loves them and gives hugs freely.  She has shown a lot of interest in "trusting Jesus" and having him live in her "tummy" lately! 

Daddy Daughter Dance

Isaac will turn four in a couple of weeks.  I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!  He is very grown up at times, but also has some toddler left in him.  He will still grab his favorite blankey and suck his thumb at night, and has a few speech impediments.....but I can't find the gumption to change any of these habits.  They are the small bits of baby that I am not ready to get rid of! 
Isaac has been attending a gymnastics class and does well.  His teacher has said that he does well...since he is coordinated and has no fear!  We are waiting another year before putting him in organized sports, but this does not stop him from practicing his sports skills at home! We've lost a few lamps, but nothing too valuable.  He is a daddy's boy can't wait to jump on Dad the minute he walks in the door.  Isaac truly is the best of both worlds- fun and sweet.  He is such a joy in our family....can't imagine life without this sweet boy!

Isaac's metal from his gymnastics "meet"

Caught chocolate handed!

I attempt to take pictures of the kids each year in the same outfits.  Here are some of our recent photos.  I obviously have not learned how to use my camera yet (that I bought four years ago!), so bear with me!

5 yrs old

Julia, 5 yrs old
Julia, 1 yr old
2 yrs
3 yrs

4 yrs

Kai, age 5

Kai, 1 yr old

2 yrs old

3 yrs old

4 yrs old

Isaac, 3 rs old

3 yrs

1 yr old

2 yrs.

Here are some more pictures from Halloween, our trip to Washington in November, and Christmas in NE.

Halloween:  Pocahontas, Police Officer, & Cowboy...or half of the Village People!

Cousin Mia in Seattle

Playing w/ Papa Christianson

Saying good-bye to Noni.  Her legacy will go on...

Christmas party at school

Nutcracker w/ the big kids

Christmas fun in Grapevine w/ friend Naomi

Christmas in NE with Jones cousins

Christmas sleep-over w/ Uncle Zachy (AKA Most Eligible Bachelor in the World!)

And lastly, here is a few pictures from our building project.  As you can see, progress is slow!  Once this rain and snow go away, things should go quickly!  Our hope is to be in the house sometime this summer!