Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Times

This morning I'm trying to remember all of the events from the past month that I want to share.  I intent on blogging more often with small short stories, but until I get more organized, here is a few highlights from September!
Jared's brother, Andrew and his wife, Janell, came to visit from Seattle over Labor Day weekend.  We had a blast going swimming, eating BBQ and just playing.  Even a month after their visit Julia and Kai ask for "Antie and Doo Doo (Uncle Andrew)!"  We sure wish we could see them more often!

A few weeks later we took a short trip to Tulsa to visit friends and to go to the TU/OSU football game.  That weekend didn't go quite as planned.  Kai was not feeling well so we canceled a lot of our plans.  Then, Jared and I spent almost three hours under the football stadium waiting for a storm to pass before starting the football game.  We finally left at midnight.  They did end up starting the game at 12:15 am and it ended at 3:30.  That is way too late for a tired mommy and daddy who have an infant who wakes up at 6!
We were thankful for the Humphrey family for putting us up for a few nights.  Julia and Kai had so much for with their kids that Julia decided not to nap while we were there.  Instead of napping she crawled out of her pack and play crib onto a bed, emptied out all of our suitecase and much of the contents of the room and placed them in her crib and in Kai's crib.  The next day we moved her crib further away from the bed, but she was still close enough to a dresser to pull it open and try on clothing that belonged to the Humphrey's daughter!
This video of Julia taken on the drive back from Tulsa kind of sums up the weekend:

Isaac did get his helmet (for plagiocephaly, or mis-shaped head!) a few weeks ago.  It doesn't seem to slow him down one bit!  He is already army crawling which seems early for a six month old considering his siblings didn't crawl until 10 and 13 months!  Isaac is on the go constantly and has been caught under tables, pulling out cords from the walls, pulling the cat's tail, and crawling into dad's stereo equipment.  He gets onto hands and knees also, but reverts down to his belly since he moves faster that way.  He adores Kai and Julia and loves eating at the "big table" with them, taking baths and wrestling.

Mommy put on monkey stickers until he has his appoitment to decorate his helmet professionally :)

Kai was recently accepted into a therepeutic horseback riding program.  He goes every Tuesday and rides his pony, Merrilegs.  He also helps brush the pony, saddle it and reverses the process after he rides him.  He was not too excited during his first lesson since he wasn't feeling well that day, but now he loves it.  His current goals are to give commands to the horse (works on his communication skills) and later his goals will be more balance and strength related.

Julia stays busy entertaining her brothers.  She loves to make Kai smile and when he's not feeling well.  Her teacher at mom's day out said that she had Kai laughing so hard at "school" that he fell out of his chair!  She also is talking all the time.  Some of her favorite phrases are, "Mom, It hurts...I need a bandshaid!" and , "Come on, I go shopping!"
Jared has been busy outside trying to clear out our overgrown landscaping.  There is enough work to keep him busy every weekend until Christmas!  Good thing he has some helpers!

I have been loving the cooler weather and try to get the kids outside as much as possible.  We bought a triple stroller on craigs list so that I can take them for walks outside.  I am realizing that there is a reason it was so cheap!  Parts are broken on it and it is almost impossible to push that heavy load up the hills in our neighborhood!  It is a good workout though!
All for now!