Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Days....

The end of summer is nearing.  The neighborhood kids are headed back to school, football is kicking off, but sadly, we are still having 100 degree weather!  We are really looking forward to fall and enjoying the outdoors once again!
On Tuesday, Kai and Julia experienced their first day of "school" or "Mom's Day Out."  I was not prepared to put them into a program like this until they were three, but I soon realized that it might be the best thing for them and for mommy!  I am not able to get out very easily with all three of  the kids to do my errands.  I ended up hiring a babysitter for a few hours a week this summer so that I could do grocery shopping, etc.  I figured that they would love to go to a preschool where they get to do art (mom's not very good in this area!), have social opportunities with peers, learn Bible stories/memory verses, sing, play, and more.  I chose a one day a week program at a local church.  All the other children in their class are going twice a week, but mommy could only handle one day a week.  They are still babies to me and I really enjoy my time with them!
I built up the first day of school and Julia and Kai were super excited, espcially with their new backpakcs and lunchboxes!  Here are a few pictures of their first day.

Julia looking as worried as Mommy!

Kai's ready to go!

They both insisted on lugging thier heavy backpacks into the church and ran into the room as soon as they saw it.  It helped that we had already met the teachers and visited their classroom.  I was on the verge of tears and was shaky with nerves for the first few hours they were gone.  The teachers were sweet and sent me a picture text of them smiling and eating their lunch.  I enjoyed my time alone with Isaac and got a few things done, but I was happy to pick them up by 2.  They looked like they had a blast.  Julia came home and talked about wanting to paint and go down the slide.  Kai wasn't able to communicate as well, but when I asked him if he had fun and made friends, he nodded his yes enthusiastically.
And the twins are not the only ones growing up.  Isaac is changing daily and he keeps me on my toes as well!  He seems to do everything early.  He rolled over at two months, got his first two teeth at four months, and is sitting independently at 5 months old.  He is still a very content child, but he is a lot more active and lively!  He loves to grab at anything in sight.  He also loves playing "Row, row, row your boat" with Julia and Kai and to roll balls back and forth with them.  He has a charming personality.  We can hardly get enough of this guy!
Five months old!

Showing off his teeth

We lost the "5" foam number and substituted an "S!!"
Although Isaac has been very healthy, we did start noticing a flat spot on the back of his head when he was around 2-3 months old.  The doctor wanted us to see if it improved as he spent more time on his tummy and sitting up.  Although he is hardly on his back, his head has not improved very much.  The doctor sent us to Cranial Technologies in Dallas to assess Isaac's head shape.  The therapists there took measurements and determined that he does have plagiocephaly (mis-shaped head) and could benefit from a helmet for 8-10 weeks.  Jared and I have decided to go ahead with the treatment even though it is mainly cosmetic and expensive.  We just don't want to regret it years from now if we don't do it.  We will go in for weekly appointments to have the helmet adjusted as his head grows.  Jared is concerned that Isaac will be uncomfortable, but the helmet is very lightweight.  I'm sure we'll have more pictures of this soon.
As for the rest of August, we did enjoy a visit from my parents and brother, Zach.  We had a fun time playing in the pool and just hanging out!  We also went to the circus, which was a huge hit with the toddlers.  We are looking forward to having Andrew and Janell, Jared's brother and sister-in-law, visit us over the Labor Day weekend.
Waiting for the circus to begin


Even Isaac enjoyed it!

Uncle Zach and Isaac
Kai with Papa Jones

Playing w/ Grandma Jones & Uncle Zachy