Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As I look at Kai laying on the ground next to Isaac (he just ADORES him!) I am reminded again of how fast time flies.  It seems like just yesterday that Kai and Julia were that small (or smaller) and were snuggling together in their boppy pillow or in a bouncer chair.  All the memories rush in.  It also reminds me of God's faithfulness.  That first year of the twins life was filled with good memories and a lot of scary ones.  I remember being uncertain if Kai would make it through surgeries, and if he would, would he develop normally?  Would he be able to walk and run with Julia and all of the other kids?  Would he have any brain damage and be able to learn truth?  Today Kai is a walking and talking example to us of God's goodness and mercy.

One Month Old! 

Many other memories have been brought up this past week after learning that my grandfather (father's dad) in Nebraska was sick and might not make it much longer.  Grandpa ended up passing away on Friday morning.  Although grandpa was not doing very well the past few years, I can easily remember all of the "good ol' days" when he was strong enough to golf, go dancing with grandma, and bike around the lake.  I have many memories of him pulling us kids behind the boat on an intertube or water skiis (we thought we would die several times after we fell in the lake and he didn't notice for several minutes!), teaching me how to golf, attending all of our sporting and school events, telling me stories of how he and grandma met along with other stories, taking us to Nebraska football games, sitting in his basement watching golf, baseball, football, or whatever sports season it was, playing cards, pulling my pig-tails, or just walking down the street watching him hold my grandmother's hand.  I was so blessed to grow up with my grandparents nearby.  Even during college brakes, when I would return to Nebraska, I found comfort sitting with grandma and grandpa in their basement.  While everything else in my life was changing, their love and support was always constant.
I am glad that he was able to meet Kai and Julia (along with my sisters' kids).  They will grow up hearing many stories of Great Grandpa Jones.  Although we will miss him, his legacy will live on. We will be headed up to Nebraska this weekend and the memorial service will be on Monday.


  1. beautiful post.... beautiful family!

  2. Michala, so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. There is something so special about grandparents. I know exactly what you mean about finding comfort sitting with them. My grandma that I was really close to passed away almost 6 years ago now and there have been many times when I was having a bad day that I wished I could just go sit in her house. It was such a safe place.

    Your kids are adorable! Hope you are enjoying Texas!