Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th of July in Nebraska

Thanks Cousin Cecily for this pic!

It's been a month since we've returned from our Nebraska trip, but I wanted to post some highlights before I forget them!  We survived the 12 hour trip (each way) and welcomed the cooler weather.  It's always so much fun to see all of my family on the "Jones" side as well as a visit from my mom's parents.  The whole family gets together for a little "reunion" each summer. The kids enjoyed swimming in the community pool with Papa Jones as well as swimming in the lake with daddy and Uncle Zach.  The kids continue to amaze us with their ability and confidence in the water.  They love to jump off the ledge into the water, attempt to float, and put their heads in and blow bubbles (I discouraged them from doing this in the murky waters of Johnson's Lake though!)
Thank again Ces!

Zach's photo in which he labeled "It takes a village..."
There was once again a houseful of babies!  My sisters' babies turned six months at the end of June and Isaac had just turned three months.  Their cousin Izzy is now 2 1/2 years old and lots of fun to play with!

Visiting Papa at work!

Twin cousins McKinley & Adelain....too cute in their shades!

My mom was very busy with entertaining the whole family, organizing meals and playing with her seven young grandchildren!  My dad loved having everyone come visit as well.  He often makes offers for us to leave the kids in Nebraska for a week while Jared and I go on vacation.  But, I think he now understands that he would have to stay home from work to help support Grandma and get used to a messy house with many sticky fingers before making that offer!  Maybe when the two year olds aren't two anymore!

Grandma juggling all three kids!

Playing with mom's cousins Sydney & Cecily

Uncle Zachy is so fun!

Great Grandma Jones w/ Isaac

Papa Jones and Isaac

The Jones family!

Many great memories made......more to come!

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