Friday, June 10, 2011

Team Christianson Stats:

Team Christianson:

Isaac James

2 months old

13 lb 11 oz  90%

24"  95%

Skills: Rolling over, smiling, laughing, sitting in Bumbo Seat, sleeping, eating, pooping through clothing, and charming his parents and siblings

Isaac is growing well as you can see!  The one complaint that mom has is that he's not sleeping through the night yet.  I figure that he has enough fat stored up to make it over 5 hours!!  Although, when he does get up it's just to eat and then it's right back to bed.  I had concerns that Jared would not bond as easily with Isaac since he doesn't have all of the responsibility he had with the twins (feeding, burping, bathing, diapering, ...).  That fear is now gone. (Although dad does help when he can!)  Jared is head over heals over this guy.  He can't get over how cute he is :)   We finally caught him laughing on video.  I will add this to the blog once I figure out how!

 Julia Hope

2 years old

26 lb 2 oz  40%

36 1/2"  96%

Skills: Galluping, undressing, face painting, singing, dancing, pushing baby's stroller, helping mom cook/bake, talking

Julia has the ability to make us laugh even when she is getting into trouble and disobeying.  She has been caught many times smothering her hair, face and body with yogurt, applesauce, ketchup, and yes, red frosting!  Bathtime has quickly become a nightly event instead of every-other-night event.  We have also found her naked, including diaper, after nap times.  I took the kids to sample a Kindermusic class last week.  I was assisting Kai with his dancing and when I turned back to see where Julia was, she was dancing there completely naked (except for diaper thank goodness!)  Although she is ernery, she is also a big sweet heart.  She gives great big hugs and kisses that just melt my heart.  She also watches out for her brothers.  She tries to give Isaac his pacifier and likes to push his stroller.  She is constantly making sure that we don't forget about "Kai."  Whenever we give her her drink, shoes, toys, etc, she immediately says, "Kai?" and then will bring him one also.  She is also talking and learning new words every day.  She does get confused sometimes, like when she told everyone at the doctor's office "Night night!" as we left instead of good-bye!

Kai Marcus

2 years old

25 lb 11 oz  24%

34 1/2"  49%

Skills: Going up and down stairs with hands held, jumping/walking into swimming pool, making brother smile, jumping (almost)

Kai continues to make progress with his motor skills.  His left leg is slightly weaker than his right leg, which makes everything a bit more difficult for him.  He is fearless though.  He runs wrecklessly around the house (tripping often) and tries to jump off of a small step in our game room.  I don't know how many nose dives it's going to take to stop him from trying!  He also loves the water and has tried to jump (and ended up walking) straight into the neighborhood pool.  Thank goodness we were near him each time.  The last time scared him a bit and gave him a healthy fear of the pool.  Kai has actually lost a couple of pounds from our last dr visit because of his high activity level.  He has been healthy besides some constipation issues, which are common with kids with Spina Bifida.  He will have another urodynamic study in two weeks to see how his bladder/kidneys are doing without catheterizing.  As you can see, he now has his summer hair cut.  I came home from a pilates class last night and went up to kiss the kids good-night.  I had to do a triple take when I saw Kai in his crib.  It looked like a little blonder version of Jared looking back at me.  I recognized the eyes for sure!  Now Jared and Kai are sporting the same hair cuts...high foreheads and all!

Jared and I are changing also, but we will keep those stats private!!  Jared still enjoys his job and the long weekends he gets every other week.  He has had a lot of success at work lately, which unfortunately brings more work!  He says he is almost done with house projects, but the list seems never ending when you're a home owner!  He also has some projects going on in his "man-cave" off of the garage.  As many people know Jared has weird hobbies (yes, including worm farming), so I stay out of his man-cave and don't ask many questions!

I am slowly making new friends and enjoying attending playdates to spend time with the other mommies.  I attended a Bible study through a local church and look forward to getting involved again in the fall.  I'm looking forward to hosting events at our house now that Jared is almost done with his projects.  I often dream of starting new hobbies, but have decided that keeping three kids alive and well fed is enough for now!

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  1. Daddy is adding his own stats! Jared Kai Christianson, weight 196 80%, Height 6'0" 85%, Skills: drilling, scratching, farting, yawning, sleeping, spanking, loving, hilarious.....okay...maybe that's enough!

    Jared C