Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fall Recap!

     Hello family and friends!  I hope you are all doing well!  I had to download photos from the past few months just to remember exactly what happened.  Some of the highlights were a visit from Uncle Zach in October, a quick trip to OKC area, Halloween, and our recent trip to "Papa's House" in Nebraska for Thanksgiving.  One of the sad moments was saying good-bye to our good friends and next door neighbors who moved to Ohio.  We have been so blessed by their friendship and miss having our driveway friends.

"Mommy, we were praising the Lord in that picture!" -Julia)

We miss you Bryce & Bridgette!

We had fun visiting with Cousin Sydney and Nathan while in OKC. We also had fun with the Mueller family!

Carving pumpkins with Uncle Zachy

The twins boogying down and  being very "helpful"  :)
Texas State Fair...Are we having fun yet?  At least Zach got his fried S'mores!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

"Angwee Birds!"

Peter Pan & Captain Hook warming up to eachother!

Princess Rapunzel

Trick or Treating w/ friends!

The kids were troupers on our 11 hour trip to Nebraska for Thanksgiving.  They were so excited to go to Papa & Nana's house, that we only stopped once along the way.  Once there we saw Uncle Zach coach a girl's basketball game, played with our 5 cousins, spent some time in Lincoln (again more sporting events :), and enjoyed time with family.  The kids played so well together that we were able to enjoy more conversation than usual!  We are so thankful for our families and wish we could see them more often!

8 cousins (one 5 year old, two 4 year olds, four 2 year olds, and one 1 year old)  So much fun!

Papa & Isaac relaxing

Kai and Nana Jones

Julia and her "best friend" Izzy!
Baby Mabel got a lot of "petting!"

Kai & Little Red at the NE girls basketball game

Isaac fighting fires at the Children's Museum

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