Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Land of Four Year olds

     I realize that I need to update my profile on my blog. It's been a while since I've had three kids under the age of two!  They are quick to tell me how "big" they are now.  Kai is finally calling Isaac, "Bubba" or "I-aac" instead of, "Baby!"  It's about time since "Baby" is now heavier than his big brother :)
The big birthday finally came for Kai and Julia.  They were really getting a lot of practice with their counting since we've been counting down the days for months now!  We celebrated with breakfast donuts, celebration at school, swimming, and our annual trip to Chuck E Cheese.  We waited another week for their birthday so that we could celebrate with Papa & Grandma Jones, Uncle Zachy, Aunt Megan, and cousins Izzy and Amelia who came to visit over Memorial Day.

Princess & Prince head tilts?!

Julia getting a pedicure

The twins decided that they wanted a "Princess & Knight" birthday party.  It was hard to find somewhere to host the party over the holiday weekend, but ended up renting a church indoor playground nearby.  The kids had so much fun celebrating with their friends and family!

A talented friend made this cute Castle Cake!

Princess/pink on one side: Knight/blue on other side


Kai w/ his Preschool Buddies

Being silly!

Kiddy Roller Coasters

Tea Time

Julia posing

    We also enjoyed a weekend at Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma over Mother's Day weekend. The kid's loved being outdoors, sitting by the fire, and "exploring!"  We plan on going back to the cabin in July when Jared's parents come.  We will save the paddle boating, fishing and swimming for that trip!  As you can see from the following pictures, the twins are getting very camera shy ;)


Kiddy Train Ride near the Lake

Isaac enjoying tubs of butter at restaurant on way home (takes after Uncle Zachy!)

    The month of June is always eventful with Jared's birthday, Father's Day and our Anniversary within one week of each other.  We had fun celebrating Jared's birthday by bringing cupcakes to his office and taking him out to lunch.  The kids picked out a new nerf gun as a gift.  Jared and I look forward to a trip (first ever without kids!!) in August to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  So amazed at God's faithfulness throughout the past decade.  I am so happy to live life's ups and downs with my best friend by my side.

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