Monday, September 10, 2012

A Little Gopher Fun!

Last week, with Jared being out of the country and our weeks here dwindling, the kids decided that they needed an adventure.  At least that's what they said after a little prompting from mommy!  The mornings have been a cool 50 degrees, so we decided to try to find something fun to do indoors that could not be done in the States.  My solution....the World Famous Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, one hour north of Calgary.  When else would we get such an opportunity!  Apparently, the town of Torrington has an alarmingly large number of gophers so the town turned them into a tourist attraction.  I packed up the kids and brought the camera along in case I could get some cute pictures.  Kuddos to my brother, Zach, who helped me edit the pictures!

Look up Isaac!  Zach was able to edit out all of the purple juice that Isaac spilled on his sweater!

Julia was the only one interested in posing!

Handsome boy!

Pure joy and silliness!

My princess!

Enough of my cute are some of our favorite exhibits from inside the museum!

I'm a beautician, not a magician!

Yes, the little gopher in the back is sleeping!

I do!

I forgot to turn off my flash indoors



Needless to say, Jared was very upset that he missed out on this adventure with us.  He was actually very disturbed that I took the kids to view dead gophers dressed up in costumes!  Here are a few more funny pictures from our day trip.  As you will see, Isaac found the one rain puddle in all of town and progressed to touch it, then jump in it, and then sit right in the middle of it!  So, instead of grabbing lunch at a cute diner (one of two restaurants in town), we decided to drive back home, some with pants on, some without!

Julia's "princess smile" is starting to look painful!

Isaac kept running back to these gopher yard sticks....he really wanted to bring one home to daddy!

Playing keep away from the camera!

Boys will be boys!

Farewell Torrington!

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