Monday, July 2, 2012

On the Road Again....Colorado!

After years of having the entire Jones family reunite in Nebraska over the 4th of July, we decided to give my mom a break and meet in Colorado instead.  We had a blast enjoying the cool(er) weather with family from Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington!  Going into this trip, Jared and I decided to not have too high of expectations considering we would be joining 24 other family members including nine children (yes, 9!!) ages three and under all in one house.  Of the nine children, there were three sets of twins!  I think that all of the unmarried cousins are a bit concerned about having children now!  What are the odds?!

3 sets of twins...3 years, 18 months, (my sister, Erin's girls)  & 2 months (cousin Kelly & Marco)! 

Great Grandma Jones w/ the kiddos!

Papa & Grandma Jones w/ their ducklings!
The kids were troupers and survived the 14 1/2 hour drive to and from Snow Mountain YMCA of the Rockies (just outside Winter Park).  We were able to stop in Colorado Springs and enjoy breakfast with my friend, Maria and her husband and mother.  We then met my family up in the mountains, where we stayed in an eight-bedroom lodge.  We had a great time visiting with family, holding babies, playing at the playground, and swimming.  Julia and cousin Izzy were like long lost sisters.  They even let the boys play with their tea sets and princesses occasionally!
Izzy (my sister, Megan's oldest daughter) & Julia

Megan, Izzy, & Julia
Cousin Cecily w/ a couple of tots!

Cousin Kelly with Sophia & Mylo

Isaac & Cousin Amelia having fun with Shawna, Sydney & Conrad

I had to get a belly picture of Erin (5 months pregnant) with Adelain

Mark Jones family

Scott Jones family

The Jones boys!
Bader family

Erin & McKinley

At Grand Lake, CO

Great Grandma Jones loved all of the time with the kids!

Trips with young kids sure are different from vacations!  I'm sure that one day we will be able to have complete conversations with people and be able to relax a bit!  I think that it was funny that Marco (father of 2 month old twins) stated that before this trip he was "40% worried about raising his twins", but now he is "100% worried!"  These times sure are memorable though!

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