Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hilton Head Island

What is crazier than taking three active toddlers to the grocery store alone with mom?   Answer:  Taking three active toddlers on a 18 hour (each way) road trip/vacation!  Yes, that is how desperately we were needing a vacation!  Besides visiting family, we haven't taken a vacation in 4-5 years.  So, we decided to drive through "Low Country" and spend a week in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  It was a long drive, but worth it!  We tackled the trip all at once and let the kids sleep while we drove through the night.  Here is a few pictures of the kids in the van.
Isaac yawning

Julia is "chilling" and Isaac found a treasure (stick from sucker from the day before)!
The area was beautiful and the resort was right on the beach.  My parents flew in from Nebraska and joined us for the week.  The kids were so excited and surprised to see them there!  Julia kept staring at them and saying, "It's my grandma!"  Julia was also very excited to see the ocean.  She had been talking about going to the ocean/beach for months!

One of the highlights was definitely the beach.  Kai and Daddy would have spent all day making sand castles if they could.  Julia could not get enough of the waves.  Isaac was a beach bum and was non-stop action running from the waves to the sand castles (to knock them over). 

We also enjoyed swimming in the pool, riding bikes, playing at playgrounds, feeding the fish/turtles in the pond, and eating great seafood! Jared was able to get a little bit of golf in and I slipped away to do some shopping.  Julia and Kai really improved on their swimming skills.  They loved floating in the pools with their water wings and also would dunk their heads in the water often to find pretend "fishies."

We saw an alligator while on our bike ride!!!

Kai and Julia enjoyed an early birthday celebration with Grandma & Papa Jones.  We had a nice dinner followed by cake and ice cream.  They also opened a few early gifts.  They really think that the whole month of May is dedicated to their birthday!

We stopped in Savannah, Georgia, on our way home to let the kids run around for a while.  We went to the "Pirates House" for dinner.  The building was built in 1733 and had a ton of history.  The kids loved the pirate accessories and Kai kept saying, "Arrr!"


We added another daughter for a short while!!

Trying to resist jumping in the fountain
We were very happy when our van finally rolled into our driveway on Saturday morning.  We needed a few days to recover, but the memories made were worth it!

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